Gold Dust

Most of our gold dust, both natural and the ones resulting from refining processes at our refinery are usually purchased by nationals but international buyers are equally welcome.


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Buy Gold Dust Powder. It is a dry gold dust powder. It is made by crushing the fine gold leaves and then mixing them with melted glue. By this, a paste is obtained, broken into pieces and then it is transformed into powder.

The powder obtained is as fine and smooth as flour. It is used to decorate the cake, cupcakes, showpieces, and chocolates. It is also used in jewellery, styling clothes, and fabric paintings.

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Gold Dust Powder For Skin

Gold is antioxidant and has provocative can calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness, and protect it from the sun damage and wrinkles.

It is very beneficial for acne-prone skin. It is used for the anti-ageing treatment that ancient says Cleopatra (last active ruler of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt) used it every night to keep her face youthful and radiant. It is an antifungal medicine. It is used to relieve the symptoms caused by the infection. It is for external use only.

Dust Powder For Painting

Gold dust powder is used in painting so that it can last pretty much forever. The best use for it is to use it to rub into paintings that have a lot of texture on. You can use a sponge or a dry brush onto the top of the texture.

If you don’t like it you can easily wipe it off with water. You can also mix it in the paint so that it is effective in the liquid form and you can apply it easily.

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Gold Dust Powder For Goats

It is used as a feed supplement that contains live microorganisms for direct feeding to goats, cattle, sheep, and hogs to help improve their show ring appearance. It contains no banned substances and it is drug-free. It is also used as a drench or to supplement a reduction feed to control bellies.

For sheep and goats use 2-4oz powder daily in the feed to supplement the diet. For a drench use 2-4 oz. powder per quarter of water.

Gold Dust Powder Price

It depends on the origin of its country and the Fineness of the powder. The price of dust powder is $ 934.89 per ounce for 22 karats as per the prices of the international gold market.

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